Why RAL Location Strategies

We don't turn wrenches to get results, we sift thru data, crunch numbers, and review business processes to help you find value opportunities. RAL Location Strategies is a small, niche consulting company that helps organizations better align their property/facilities with their organizational objectives.

We offer flexible facilities expertise in three primary areas:

  1. Planning and assessing your overall set of properties/facilities,
  2. Assembly and analysis of property/facility related data, and
  3. Support of technology/systems that automate facility related business processes.

Our senior facilities generalist works as an extension of your staff, to identify and define opportunities, even when you are not sure what opportunities exist.

We help organizations rationalize their property portfolio, and review their facilities-related work processes to improve both effectiveness and efficiency.

"Fuzzy" Services

You may have to plan changes to your properties because of re-organization, a merger, re-engineering, or changes in the industry. Or maybe you are just looking for process improvements in your facilities operations. We understand the fluid nature of facilities management as a support function. Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes on your problem, from someone who has seen similar problems.

Whether your opportunity is a tangible property improvement or process efficiency, we will help you define the potential value (financial, risk reduction, or a competitive advantage) so you can decide if it is worthwhile to pursue. Then we can help draft a strategy to capture the value of the opportunity, and implement the action within your normal operations.