Strategic Facility Assessment Services

What is a Strategic Facility Assessment?

Many organizations do not want to invest in a strategic facility plan or even in a program of structured facility condition assessments. Without the information from these plans and assessments, it is sometimes difficult to be confident in the planned facility investments, or to even be sure that you are undertaking the right actions on various facility assets. In other words "you don't know what you don't know.""

A Strategic Facility Assessment is an agile approach developed by RAL Location Strategies for a relatively quick and inexpensive review of your set of facilities to:

  1. Organize the available information you already have for your facilities,
  2. Solicit input from all involved stakeholders,
  3. Identify what you know and what you think you know about your facilities,
  4. Clearly see facility issues of most value or concern to you,
  5. Let you use this information to quickly confirm or revise your planned project list, and focus discussion on those projects "on the bubble" address the
  6. Identify what additional information you need to obtain now in order to proceed (and what can wait).

Keep it Simple

The point of a "strategic" assessment is to quickly organize what it is you do know about your facility assets. This allows you to keep your facilities investments in alignment with changing business needs without making a large investment in information you do not need.

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Tools and Resources

Want to try a strategic assessment? Use this simple template as a test.

Strategic Facility Assessment Checklist

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