Opportunity Assessment Services

What is an Opportunity Assessment?

An opportunity assessment is a quick, semi-structured review to identify potential areas where you could make improvements or reduce facility costs. It's a great way to start if you have no facility initiatives, known problems, or defined improvements because you don't need a project scope.

Many organizations have evolved over time and find that their processes for how property is acquired, renovated, and operated may not be clear and consistent with the best business practices. Similarly, many time properties are acquired for one purpose, then modified in pieces over time to meet changing organizational needs and priorities. A review of the current properties and operation practices can often identify opportunities for improvement that reduce cost, reduce risk, and enhance effectiveness of these operations.

The opportunity assessment findings are presented with a priortized list of potential actions you can take and the potential value associated with each. Often there are no-cost and low-cost measures to start, since our philosophy is that a facility improvement program should be self-funding to the degree possible.

Case by Case

Each opportunity assessment is unique based on your situation and your needs. It would start with a meeting or call to understand what you would like to accomplish. Then the first step is a meeting with key staff and a table-top review of your processes, facilities data, and costs. Based on this information, we provide an outline of the most likely opportunities of value to reach your objectives.
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