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Would a Location Analysis help you?

Geographic location can be an important part of your business for many reasons. Labor markets, natural resources, and [business] regulatory markets are some factors commonly considered at a macro level. Economic Development agencies can help you with these issues. "Location, location, location" continues to be a key factor for retail siting, even as "clicks" replace "bricks" for some businesses. Market specialists work on this.

In between, location is a signficant factor for logistics. And not just for UPS (although thanks to them you know what I mean).

If you have a field service function, where folks travel out to customers or field assets, you will want to balance the number of facilities and travel time [costs], while maintaining your desired response time service coverage.

If you have multiple facilities (like a lot of branch locations), you will want things like HVAC service call time to be within your desired service level and alsot to pay as little windshield time as reasonable.

Iterative Process

The first step is to do a quick and inexpensive location assessment to confirm the potential savings opportunity because there is no reason to spend more on the analysis than you can save. Then if the opportunity is large enough and easy enough to pursue, you can do a more complete analysis.

We can help you optimize both your facility locations and the assigned service territories based on your business objectives. We use a proprietary computer model and readily available data to do the assessment, so there is not a lot of time or cost to find out what kind of opportunity you have.
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Tools and Resources

Read more about an industry-leading model we offer to utility companies (may not apply to other industries):

Utility Location Model

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