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What are KPIs?

You hear a lot about KPIs, Metrics, Dashboards, and big data these days. That make most of us get glazed eyes and I'm surprised you are still reading this. A dashboard of KPIs should have just the 6-10 things that tell you how you are doing. Not 20 or 30. (Sure, if one of the measures is off-track, you want to be able to drill down for more detail which is usually someone else's KPI.) KPIs also have desirable and undesirable ranges based on your objectives - too slow, too much, not enough.

Metrics on the other hand are the measurements that make up KPIs. But not just measures - they typically have a denominator: MPH, $/SF, complaints per 1000 occupants, % work orders completed on time. Measurements by themself only reflect sheer volume and are rarely useful metrics (except for very signficant items like "lost time injury"). But the metrics are built from measurements so they are still important to have.

Data Management

We all hear more about "Big Data" which is still an emerging area for facilities management There is no doubt that big data approaches will be useful for the rapidly increasing capabiltiies of sensor data (equipment operation, occupancy, and energy use). But small data (less volume, better structure, less dynamic) is still very useful for many parts of our facility management activities and it the place to start.

Want Help Getting Started?

If you don't have an analyst to help you get the KPIs you want, We can help you setup an approach to do the best you can with the data you have available.
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Tools and Resources

Unsure how to develop useful metrics and KPIs? ...check out this primer:

Facility Management Metrics That Matter

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