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Are You Considering a Facility Software System?

CAFM, CMMS, IWMS, and other facilities management software systems can provide tremendous value to your organization by providing the information you need along with standardizing and automating work flow. Or you can spend more on a system than it is worth and frustrate your staff.

There are many systems available, from very low to very high cost, and many of them can do what you need quite well. Manage your space. Track service requests and work orders. Schedule inspections and PM work. Track assets on floorplans and even find mobile assets in real time. Track key dates of leases, or all lease-related data including payment transactions. Manage project schedules and budgets; manage document flow and sign-off for the projects. Integrate with building control systems, HR and finance systems, and more. Generate reports and metrics galore.

The trick is to be clear about what you need, what you want, and what it is worth to you. Then to implement the system you select to accomplish your specific objectives. Even if you scope a complete, enterprise-wide system, implementation in phases will let you start obtaining value from it quicker and allow your staff to more easily adopt the change.

A Better Mousetrap

We believe that every organization can benefit from using this type technology to some degree. But we also understand that these systems are a tool and you only need a tool big enough for the job. More power is not always better and there are a number of trade-offs in system selection.

Every system provider will give you lots of valid reasons why their system would be good for you. Just remember that they are looking at it from their perspective, not yours. If you want to use the opportunity to change your processes to adopt those the way they are designed in the software, then you can easily proceed. And this is a valid approach for some organizations to take. Similarly, if you have well-defined and documented processes that you can hand to the software provider to implement then you are ready to go.

Want Help Getting Started?

We are an impartial advisor and can help you scope and manage your FM software system, to help you get the right system for your needs and resources. We can help you understand the issues, define your requirements, work out (internally with your team) the best way for your team to use a system, and even manage your part of the project if needed.
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