Benchmarking Assistance

What is Benchmarking, Really?

Simply put, it is looking for best practices you can use to improve your performance. You start by comparing yourself with others like you to see who does best. Then you look for the things that seem to be the reason and apply them to see if they make a difference for you. "Lather, rinse, and repeat" because it is an ongoing process.

Organizations that implement regular facilities benchmarking programs experience noticable improvement in their operations and it is not unusual for them to save millions of dollars over time. A benchmarking program is a relatively inexpensive activity with a good return on value.

Continuous Improvement

Benchmarking is a marathon, not a sprint. While you can start quickly, it may take some time to put your program in place, to collect and clean the data you use, to establish a system that makes it part of your ongoing process, and to start identifying and implementing new practices.

Want Help Getting Started?

We can help you find and "clean" the data you have hidden in your systems, identify things you may want to start tracking, and get started in the selected benchmarking programs.
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Visit the Facility Issues site to read more about how benchmarking is used in several industries.

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